Light Up Philly

The Discount Structure

The four discount opportunities are the structural columns that support cost-effective energy reduction initiatives for Greater Philadelphia area businesses.

For the purposes of this breakdown, the example is a 100,000 sq. ft. commercial property operating 12 hours a day.  The opportunity is to save $40,000 per year with $200,000 of LED tube lights and/or LED parking garage or LED high bay fixtures. The five year payback yields a very favorable 20% Return on Investment (ROI) on technology that lasts up to 20 years. This payback is unassisted by discounts, but business owners and operators increasingly look for three year payback and ROI over 30%. So, the breakdown of discounts below serve as the key “TIPPING POINT” to bring the payback to three years or lower.

Utility Company:

PECO Rebate Programs                                       

Note: The incentives are strong for changing fluorescent tube fixtures, but the rebates are even higher on parking garage and metal halide high bays given the

inefficiency of the existing lights relative to LED fixtures.

Sample:100,000 sq. ft. property

2’ x 4’ existing fluorescent ceiling fixture with (4) 32 watt tubes

Existing: 128 Watts replaced by LED tubes totaling 44 Watts

Wattage savings per fixture = 84 watts

Annual Run time (12 hours per day) = 4380 hours

Annual kWh Saved = 368

Sample Rebate: $.10 per annual kWh saved

Rebate = $36.80 on a $180 LED Troffer fixture retrofit

Estimated Sample Discount:                                                                    20%


Federal Tax Incentive:

Energy Policy Act (EPAct ) Tax Deductions 179D

Note: EPAct 179D is scheduled to end 12/31/16, so this summer and fall are key times to retrofit lighting and take advantage of the incentive.

Sample: 100,000 sq. ft. property

For lighting up to $.60 Tax Deduction per sq. ft. = $60,000

Net Cash Value of Deduction at 35% tax bracket = $21,000

Estimated Sample Discount:                                                                    10%


LED Manufacturer Discounts:                                             

Independence LED Lighting: $10,000,000 Program

Note: Independence LED is a Pennsylvania manufacturer of LED tube technology and LED fixtures with headquarters in Wayne, PA.

Independence Full Discount Breakdown and Sample Retrofits for More on Independence LED Discounts

Light Up Philly welcomes other regional lighting manufacturers, electrical contractors, energy auditors, and value added resellers to join Independence LED with discounts in support of energy intelligence across Greater Philadelphia.

Estimated Sample Discount:                                                                    10%


Specialty Grants:

Business owners are also eligible for one of these two programs

Manufacturing Companies   

Minority, Women, and Veteran Owned Businesses 

Estimated Sample Discount:                                                                    10%

TOTAL  Discounts                                                      50%